The OWL – Luxury Zebra Wooden Watch

Original price was: USD$169.99.Current price is: USD$99.99.

The OWL is beautiful watch from our Classic Collection is the pinnacle of high-quality minimalist design for men.
Features a sleek all-black face, complemented by a wooden case and band. Simple, but no less elegant.

Handcrafted by expert watchmakers, this dependable timepiece features steadfast quartz movement.

The OWL symbolises wisdom, intuition, supernatural power, independent thinking, and observant listening.
This mysterious bird has been a subject in the myths and folklore of cultures around the world for centuries.

This OWL is our signature watch design with a unique cut of beautifully marbled zebra wood, and rests with an indescribable elegance on your wrist to give the top luxury watch brands a run for their money.