Pocket friends better than an Imaginary friend

Pocket Friend T-Shirts

What are Pocket Friends?

Bear Pocket Friend
Bear Pocket Friend

Pocket Friends are little friends in your pocket, kind of like an imaginary friend but “real”, not  pretend friends that children make up in their imaginations. 

Imaginary friends come in all shapes and sizes. They can be based on someone your child already knows, a storybook character or even a soft toy. Sometimes they come purely from your child’s imagination. That’s why we created Pocket Friends, so you too can have a friend with you at all times.

Unlike imaginary friends, Pocket Friends are always there, they don’t just exist only in certain spots like the cubby house or at the kitchen table, and they don’t  appear and disappear for no apparent reason like an imaginary friend. Pocket Friends never come and go, they are always there to support you.

Our Pocket Friends could be someone who:

  • listens to and supports your child
  • plays with your child
  • can do things that your child can’t do
  • is special and belongs only to your child
  • doesn’t judge or find fault with your child.

Your child is in charge of what the Pocket Friend says, what the friend does and who the special friend can ‘play’ with. This could also be part of the friend’s appeal.

Pocket Friends allow children to explore a make-believe world that they create all by themselves. In fact, children with make-believe friends might be more imaginative and more likely to enjoy fantasy play and magical stories.

The way children play with or talk about their friends can tell you a lot about how they’re feeling. 
Pocket Friends can give you insight into your child’s inner world, and your child’s likes, dislikes and tastes.

But we didn’t just create Pocket Friends for kids, we created them in Adult sizes too! School Teachers, Early Child Hood Practitioners, Dentists, Paediatricians and Child Behaviour Specialist LOVE these shirts too. They use them as a tool for teaching or talking to children. 

Check out some of our ever growing collection of Pocket Friends below.