Introducing Our BOXA Colourway Wood Sunglasses

BOXA Colorway Bamboo Skateboard Wood Sunglasses

Introducing Our BOXA Colourway Wood Sunglasses – Adventure Meets Style in Every Detail

When style, comfort, and eco-consciousness converge, the result is BOXA Colourway Wood Sunglasses — a unique expression of timeless design and adventurous spirit. Crafted to perfection, these wooden eyewear pieces take the fashion quotient up a notch, even as they uphold a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Let’s explore what makes BOXA Colourway the go-to choice for the modern adventurer.

Material & Craftsmanship

Built From Layered Skateboard Wood

Inspired by the art of skateboarding, BOXA Colourway frames use layers of skateboard wood, turning a piece of urban culture into a wearable fashion statement. The layered wood offers unparalleled durability without compromising on the lightweight feature.

A Symphony of Colours

Multiple Shades in a Single Frame

From earthy browns to vibrant hues, BOXA Colourway boasts an array of shades, each piece a tribute to the unique textures and patterns only natural wood can offer. No two pairs are the same, meaning your sunglasses are a unique extension of your personal style.

Lens Quality – Your Window to the World

A Spectrum of Choices

BOXA Colourway doesn’t just stop at wooden frames. It extends its expertise to lens quality, offering five different color options that are as functional as they are aesthetic:

  1. Coffee Brown Polarized Lens
  2. Dark Knight Polarized Lens
  3. Sunset Orange Polarized Lens
  4. Ocean Blue Polarized Lens
  5. Turtle Green Polarized Lens

UV400 — The Ultimate Protection

All lenses are UV400 rated, offering Category 3 UVA & UVB protection. This rating represents the highest level of protection against harmful sun rays, making these sunglasses ideal for intense sunlight conditions.

Floats in Water – The Adventurer’s Best Friend

If you’ve ever faced the heart-sinking moment of losing your sunglasses to the water, you’ll appreciate this feature. BOXA Colourway sunglasses float in water, thanks to their lightweight bamboo material. So whether you’re kayaking in the wilderness, fishing in the open sea, or lounging by a pool, these sunglasses are designed to stay with you.

More Than Just a Pair of Sunglasses

BOXA Colourway Wood Sunglasses aren’t just an accessory; they are an extension of your style, an embodiment of your values, and a partner in your adventures. When you choose BOXA, you’re not just making a fashion statement; you’re endorsing a lifestyle. Ready to embark on a journey where style meets adventure? Grab your pair of BOXA Colourway Wood Sunglasses today.