Linen Cushion Covers


Linen Cushion Covers
Available in 10 styles
(45cm x 45cm & 30x50cm)

These Linen Cushion Covers add dimension and texture to your collection and are sure to bring out the best in your decor.
A hidden zipper closure gives the pillow a clean, crisp edge and a finished look.

1 piece pillow case (pillow inner not included)

Black 30cmX50cmBlack 45cmx45cmBlue 30cmX50cmBlue 45cmx45cmCoffee 30cmX50cmCoffee 45cmx45cmGolden 30cmX50cmGolden 45cmx45cmGreen 30cmX50cmGreen 45cmx45cmGrey 30cmX50cmGrey 45cmx45cmKhaki 30cmX50cmKhaki 45cmx45cmOrange 30cmX50cmOrange 45cmx45cmPurple 30cmX50cmPurple 45cmx45cmRice white 30cmX50cmRice white 45cmx45cmRose red 30cmX50cmRose red 45cmx45cmWine red 30cmX50cmWine red 45cmx45cm