Hammer of Thor – Leather Necklace


According to the legends the hammer of god Thor, or, as it’s still called, Mjölnir (from the Old Norse ‘destroyer’) was created with an excessively short handle, unsuitable for the characteristics of the hammer, because of Loki’s mischiefs. For this reason, no one could lift the hammer, and Thor used special magic gloves that turned it into a throwing weapon that came back to his hands after a throw. Together with the power belt it made the hammer such a powerful and strong and menacing weapon, that its use could cause thunder and lightning.

This pendant is a great accessory for any outfit. According to legends, wearing such an amulet provides the owner of the pendant with the strongest protection against an external influence of evil forces (both real and supernatural).

Huge Thor’s Hammer Pendant Sterling Silver Mjolnir from Mammen Village viking-workshop was created on the basis of actual findings in the village of Mammen, where a lot of Viking belongings were excavated.

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